We're open!

Although our clinics are closed

We are offering support through online video consultations

The centres in which our clinics are located have closed their doors and we have followed suit.

Online consultations

As much as Osteopathy is primarily a hands-on intervention our sessions can consist of more time giving advice, guidance and exercises/stretches than actual treatment. We have a range of online resources you can use at home with our support and advice. Your Osteopath will direct you to these.

You can book these appointments online by visiting our booking section, selecting your normal clinic venue and finding a suitable appointment time under the 'Online Consultation' appointment type. This appointment is between £15 and £25 depending your circumstances.

What you can do to help you and everyone around you

A vast majority of medical professionals are advising people to stay and home and self isolate. We cannot echo this any more. Stay in, stay healthy and keep an eye on your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

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