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There are many different types of headache, some in which we can treat. The others we can diagnose and refer you to the most suitable clinician. This can be via your GP or a private specialist. Pictured to the right is a Cervico-genic headache where the pain you feel in and around the base of the back of your skull and around your eyes. The Greater Occipital Nerve (one of the nerves involved) becomes irritated by the smaller and large muscles around the back of the neck. This can when your head falls forward from poor posture and these muscles stay contracted for long periods and become tight and painful.

Headache and neck pain

Neck pain

This is one of the most common areas of pain that presents into our clinic. People report a clicking or grinding noise in their neck when they move or have restriction when turning or bending their neck. This doesn't mean your neck needs to be clicked or anything is out of place. 

Pain can result from muscles in and around the neck that becomes stiff over time, especially with people working on laptops or in offices. The amount of pain never matches he amount of 'damage' within the tissue.
Neck pain

Shoulder pain

This area is renowned for a range of different issues and potential diagnoses. Rotator cuff tears, tendinitis, bursitis, 'Frozen shoulder', impingement...  the list goes on. Dr Jo Gibson, a well known Specialist in shoulder problems has highlighted how inaccurate the range available of clinical tests are to give an accurate diagnosis even with an MRI. 

The importance on finding the actual tissue causing pain in this case is not as important as assessing how the shoulder, shoulder blade and thoracic spine moves. Exploring these will show us what tissues are restricting and/or affecting the function of the joint. We have links to local Imaging facilities where we can refer our patients for scans as needed.
Shoulder pain

Elbow, hand and wrist

It's all too common to get pain in and around the elbow, hand and wrist. Especially with people using laptops and keyboards. Issues like tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis/golfers elbow are regular visitors to our clinic.

Whether you're a climber, golfer or office worker the solution to these issues are tailored to you. There will be differences with how you use your wrist, elbow and hand so we can choose the right treatment and rehabilitation plan to suit you.

Our team are also trained in DSE assessment to go give you the right ergonomic and exercises to help prevent issues from developing and or reoccurring. Click here to view our advice on Ergonomic setup for fixed offices and mobile work stations.
Desk based wrist pain