Sponsored Athletes

Tim Gardener - Ultra Marathon Runner

Tim's journey into ultra running came from the heart ache of losing his mother in 2015. He wanted to raise funds for the charity that supported his mother through her final days. But being Tim a typical marathon didn't cut the mustard. Instead Tim signed up for the Marathon Des Sables - one of the toughest races at the time. Not only did Tim go on to complete the race but he finished 156th out of over 1100 people! Some people are just built to succeed, Tim is one of them.

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Robyn Gupta - Junior climbing legend

Robyn started climbing 3 years ago and has progressed at an incredible pace. Not only does she climb better than Kieran our clinic director, she is winning competitions for her age group and beating people twice her age/experience. 
She is a member of the famed Scarpa VauxSquad and is gradually working her way up the rankings at events across the UK and Europe.

Robyn has her sights set on competing for Team GB at the 2024 Olympics. We will do all we can to help her get there.

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Watch this space - Many more to come!