On-site osteopathy

We can create your organisation’s own personal clinic ready to support your team with quality, accessible healthcare.
This is an excellent opportunity to show your team you are there to support their health.

Making Osteopathy accessible can be tough in a modern world with people racing to find the best out-of-office hours appointments or hoping their manager will allow them out during working hours.
On-site Osteopathy creates a simple solution to this problem allows staff to pop down for an appointment around their busy schedules.

We are flexible with the space you have for us to work in and we provide all the equipment and the booking systems; all you have to do is turn up.

Interested in having an Osteopath working with you?

Drop us a message, we’d be happy to arrange one of our team.

Prevention and solution

It is by far easier to prevent pain than it is to manage how it can manifest.
We offer screening assessments for all you staff to determine the risk factors that can cause issues, helping your staff to fend off any potential issues.

Work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) can affect muscles, joints and tendons in all parts of the body.
WRMSDs are associated with work patterns that include: Fixed or constrained body positions, continual repetition of movements, force concentrated on small parts of the body, such as the hand or wrist, a pace of work that does not allow sufficient recovery between movements.

Osteopathy is perfectly suited to manage these ranging issues.
We don’t focus on the where the pain is, we assess the body as a whole and identify areas of the body that contribute to pain but also relate this to your work station and working habits.

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